– Dharmaraj, a Pavement Project worker shared : “The pictures in the Green Bag are so touching, very powerful than the words. During the practice session at the training, I had shared my personal trauma which I went through during my childhood. I was shocked to see the pictures taken out from the Bag by my friend who was practicing with me. Now I am more excited to use the Green Bag knowing that how much it is going to help the children I’m ministering to. Thank you so much for Pavement Project.”

– Reena, a 16 year old girl (born in a Christian family) was counseled at the nick of time when she had made up her mind to commit suicide. She was being compared by her parents always to her elder sister who was very good at studies. She was beaten badly for not doing well in her Science subjects. She was abused physically & verbally by her parents even to the extent of telling her that ‘it would’ve been better if you died’.

Verbal Abuse

Deep Hurt




Reena took this statement very seriously. She shared that she was always been alone in life and was deeply hurt. She compared herself to a candle being melted away. The worker shared that he was emotionally moved to see Reena crying uncontrollably seeing the pic of the candle and the ‘deep hurt’ feeling. The Bible stories reaffirmed her value in God (She had accepted Christ at the very young age of 8). She chose the ‘light’ pocket card and shared, “I was in darkness when I sat with you. But now I am slowly coming to the light as God has shown me the light.” At the end of the session, she compared herself to a ‘baby’ slowly trying to walk in God’s light and enjoying the love of God once again. The worker was able to talk to the parents after the session with Reena. They were able to understand that they’ve not been fair with Reena. Reena & her parents reconciled with each other and God is helping them to restore their relationship. Request you to uphold them in your prayers for complete restoration.

Old Translation Department

In 1895 SGM Lifewords founder William Walters was approached by an ostrich farmer who was passionate about bringing the gospel to Muslims in North Africa. He funded a print run of John’s Gospel in Arabic, our first translation! Since then we’ve produced scriptures in over 1,000 languages. Working with partners SIL and Wycliffe, 200 of these were pioneer translations – the first words of scripture in that language! This is a photo of our old translation department

Meet our Director

“I consider it a great honour and privilege to be part of the work of SGM Lifewords in impacting & making a lasting change in the lives of children in India through Pavement Project. It pains my heart to see children being exploited and subjected to all kinds of injustice and abuse in every strata of society. Through Pavement Project we are able to help children find their true value & identity in God. My heart overflows with joy when these children who are rejected, physically abused, sexually abused, abandoned, trafficked etc. experience transformation when they know their true worth. Their lives change and they begin to dream beautiful dreams and see them fulfilled.”

Serah Thomas oversees the work of Pavement Project in India, where children-at-risk are in great need of hope and healing. Pray for mighty women and men of God sharing the Bible with children across India today.

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